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We are looking for talents with professionalism and rich imagination and will do our best to provide better resources and services for each employee and empower the team to realize the greatest value of life.

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Position: Deputy General Manager

  • Region: Shanghai
  • Salary: Negotiable salary
  • Job description:
  • The overall planning of residential projects commercial real estate projects in Shanghai is required.

Job Requirements:

  • 35-45 years old, Civil engineering, Engineering management, and Management and Administration of Real Estate related majors, Undergraduate degree or above.
  • More than 15 years of residential or commercial real estate project operation management experience; First-level land consolidation experience; Work in Shanghai in recent 10 years; Work experience in top 10 real estate companies; More than 5 years of work experience in large-scale project general manager positions, with a wealth of the whole process of operation experience in real estate project.
  • Proficient in architecture design management, investment planning management; Master in peoject management, engineering management, cost management, financial management, marketing, procurement management, and contract management.
  • Familiar with real estate development-related policies, regulations and the whole process; Familiar with real estate project management process and project implementation process.
  • Excellent operational management ability, leadership, analytical judgment; decision-making; interpersonal relationship processing ability, communication and coordination skills, planning and implementation ability, public relations ability; good overall view; critical thinking skills;
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Position: Office Director (Chairman Secretary)

  • Region: Shanghai
  • Salary: Negotiable salary
  • Job description:
  • Optimize the enterprise management system; in charge of administration departments: supervise of the implementation of administrative, and put forward suggestions for improvement; Transmit administrative affairs; Responsible for reviewing communications, transportation, hospitality, office expenses; Responsible for coordination between departments.
  • Supervise Vehicle Scheduling in headquarters; supervise file document, rules and related security work.
  • Responsible for the organization of meetings; Responsible for the meeting resolutions: arrange meeting space, and meeting-related activities.
  • Responsible for reception work; Establish and maintain government relations and public relations.
  • Complete the other work handed over by superiors.

Job Requirements:

  • 30-35 years old, full-time undergraduate or above, good writing skills, Skilled in MS office operation
  • Strong work execution, high loyalty, experience in outreach, excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure; Fluent English preferred
  • More than 5 years experience in the office director of a large enterprise office or assistant to the chairman of a listed company; at least 5 years of work experience in the same company.

Position: Investment Director

  • Region: Shanghai
  • Salary: Negotiable salary
  • Job description:
  • Responsibility for the risk management.
  • Build a team; Set up investment and research system; Familiar with the management of private fund; Make investment plans for financial products.
  • Familiar with the Internet financial business.
  • Responsible for industry and specific company analysis; Familiar wirh dynamics of the industry; forecast industry and company development, and complete the analysis report.
  • Sort out the related industries and individual stocks and make investment advice.
  • Provide macro-research support for investment projects.
  • Responsible for managing the company's financial direction investment.

Job Requirements:

  • Postgraduate degree or above; finance, economics majors preferred.
  • Familiar with the secondary market securities trading investment; More than 10 years of public fund or private equity manager experience.
  • More than 5 years of public performance or traceable performance certificate
  • High sense of responsibility, team awareness, able to withstand high-intensity work pressure.
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills, analytical judgment and the implementation of the target task.
  • Analytical ability, risk control ability, data processing, logical reasoning ability.
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Position: Legal Director

  • Region: Shanghai
  • Salary: Negotiable salary
  • Job description:
  • According to the company's business needs, draft relevant business contracts; Coordinate contract negotiation, signing and performance; prompt relevant legal risks.
  • Responsible for drafting, reviewing and revising legal documents of the company; Collect and arrange legal documents.
  • Provide legal support for operation and management;Formulate legal documents; Implement national laws and regulations.
  • Resolve relevant legal disputes, arbitration and litigation.
  • Evaluate the company's major business projects, put forward corresponding legal risk control measures;Pre control the legal risk.
  • Participate in the company's investment and financing, merger, acquisition, separation, reorganization, anti merger, major asset disposal and other important economic activities; Put forward legal opinions and handle relevant legal affairs.

Job Requirements:

  • More than 10 years of legal practice experience, with legal professional qualification certificate.
  • Familiar with national laws and policies; land acquisition business experience in real estate industry is preferred.
  • Excellent executive ability, communication and coordination ability, team cooperation and innovation ability, team management, business negotiation ability.
  • Excellent legal knowledge; ability of case analysis, judgment and handling; Familiar with litigation and arbitration workflow.